Love is in the Air : Valentines Gifts

Express your affection and sentiment with our collection of Valentine's cards and thoughtful gifts. Whether it's a gift for her, for him, or a treat to yourself, share the love with our selection of unique Valentine's greeting cards & gifts. Look out for our hand printed cards for an extra special touch.


We have selected an edit of perfect gifts for him or her, with the idea of sending the most love and sentiment. Pick from typographic love quotes to floral illustrations. We are proud to hand print our foiled products in our studio. Discover more of our valentines card range here.

Gold Love, Love, Love Risograph Print. A4
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Hello Gorgeous Notebook - Candy Pink
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Bella Portrait Art Print
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I Love You More Than Prosecco
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Floral Love Card
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Hello Handsome Card - Dark Blue
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Swooning Over You Card
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How to create a quick Autumn Floral Arrangement?

Here at Meylor as much as we love the colourful tones of delicate florals, we are also a big lover of subtle greenery and foliage to create an amazing arrangement. 

Since discovering florist Philippa Craddock at the House and Garden Festival in June, where we were forever seeing a flow of ladies in beautiful handmade floral headband wreaths. We followed the trail and came across Philippa's beautiful stand, the headbands were a result of a morning workshop which proved to be a huge success. 

Philippa Craddock concession in Selfridges is where we came across her lovely lifestyle range and her signature white milk bottle vases. Setting aside the pretty objects, the area was covered in beautiful and somewhat unusual floral stems and plants. What better way to embrace autumn than to create our own floral arrangement and share them on the Meylor blog. 


Our first arrangement we decided to display in one of Phillipa's milk bottle vases which you can find here

Arrangement One
- Eucalyptus Cinerea 'silver dollar'
- Eucalyptus baby blue
- Red Berries, Rosehip
- Astilbe
- Thistle

We love this as the Eucalyptus creates height and width, and the berries give that boost of amazing autumn red. Buying Eucalyptus in a small bunch means you can then use part of this for a second arrangement. Or simply create an XL version to use as a centre piece in your living room.


We loved the idea of creating two arrangements, finding two similar shaped vases but of different tone and height allow you shape your florals. 

Arrangement Two
- Eucalyptus baby blue
- Berried Myrtle

It is so easy to think you need lots of different types of flowers of different colours to create something eye catching and beautiful. However keeping it simple is what we love to do here at Meylor, why not try a selection of greenery to shape your next floral display?


Like us and love Eucalyptus? Why not check out our watercolour greeting card here.


Berried Myrtle is a perfect autumn berry as it has a beautiful colour, which is a merky blue and purple shade. Combined with lots of leaves, it looks great in a display to add depth and texture.


If we have inspired you with our floral style, why not check out Phillipa Craddock's concession and floristry shops or take a look online here.

2018 Wall Calendar - Perfect Gift for Stationery Lovers

Our wall calendar proved to be really popular this time last year, so I wanted to take a moment to put a blog post together talking all about it. Designed to hang on the wall with a simple piece of rustic twine, means that this calendar fits in any home. Minimal, with floral line drawings, it is not to over the top that you need to worry about it clashing with your decor. 

The Designs?
I absolutely love simple black line drawings created with pen and ink. Some like colour, I just love minimal. I feel that the lines are characterful as it is without having to bombard lots of colour. I am sure that is not just my way of thinking? With this particular calendar I titled it Flora & Sentiment, purely because each month has its own dedicated floral illustration which ties in with that particular month and season. I feel flowers are the perfect way to show affection and sentiment, whether it is a single stem or a large bouquet. 

Floral Illustrations - 2018 Calendar

Nib & Ink Pen Drawings
Above are a couple of scans taken from my ink drawings, I love the medium of a scan in particular. As it will pick up little ink mishaps, scratches and flecks. Of course I edit all of this out, but if you were to create a scrap book out of the drawings - little imperfections really make something feel 'made' to me. 

I wanted to vary the floral composition on each page, so that bouquets didn't flood this calendar! Again, reflecting the idea of sentiment, it was important to show how you can make something simple like an envelope, add flowers and immediately it creates a tiny gift. 

Where are they made?
Designed, printed and packed in England, of course.  

Your Instagram Posts
It was so nice to see posts of our calendars on your walls! I have picked a few of my favourite images below. Thank you for taking the time to upload these and share. I hope there are more to come, please do tag us in your pictures!

We always do sell out fast of these calendars, so grab one quick for yourself or as a gift. Here is the link.

Meylor’s Reasons to Visit Daylesford, Kingham, Gloucestershire

I recently went to Daylesford with an art friend, the focus of our visit was for inspiration! The location, and the shop itself is filled with so many beautiful items. The Daylesford shop is dedicated to horticulture which is inspired by their organic farmland and beautiful flora. Why would you visit anywhere else for floral inspiration?

Having loved my visit, I thought I would highlight the best bits.


Daylesford always have a host of workshops and courses on throughout each month. Keeping everyone busy, mainly in a variety of floristry activities. With their team of experienced expert florists, in no time you will be putting together place settings, hand tied bouquets and filling your homes with many vase arrangements. Not only for us adults, but there are a number of workshops put on for kids too! Children’s Hedgerow Floristry, to name one. Why not get a date in the diary, take a friend. Here’s one I would like to book Beginners Floristry

‘The Old Spot’ - Pizza Bar

Daylesford has two restaurants; the Old Spot & The Trough Restaurant. The Old spot has a wood fire oven, and the pizza’s are devine, that is saying something when I tend to avoid pizza. We had the ‘mozzarella, tomato, home-made pesto, salami’ - worth a try. Drinks wise, you will be far from disappointed as they have a very broad health conscious selection. From tumeric & ginger shots to cold press juices. For me - a Matcha latte; always a favourite choice. Feeling for something alcoholic; why not try the Daylesford Prosecco? I am reserving this tasting for my next visit. 

Find all the menus for Kingham here

Shopping - Homewares

If linens and modern ceramics are your thing, the Daylesford home shop is for you. They have a lot of tantalising products, geared up to fill your homes with the Daylesford home aesthetic. 

If the Daylesford own brand doesn’t appeal to you, they have a variety of other branded goods on offer. From home fragrances to stationery. Meylor greeting cards have also been bought by Daylesford. 

Not only do they have a home & garden shopping area. There is also a section specifically for second hand home accessories, often with a vintage antique heritage. This is definitely worth a wander around, if you like a nod to nostalgia and looking for home inspiration. 


Bamford Spa

With a delightful welcoming, you cant not love the Bamford spa. Peaceful, tranquil and full of white calming tones. There is a calming room where you are able to sit and relax on the comfy sofas, with a magazine looking out onto their apple orchard. Soaking up the Cotswolds atmosphere. 

Check out the spa further here



Grocery Shopping

With an abundance of food delights, the Daylesford farm shop is the place to buy your foodie treats. Even if only a special treat. Check out their dairy produce, butchers and fabulous selection of local beers and wines.


I would love to hear if you have visited and your thoughts on the Daylesford empire? Or if you plan on visiting before the summer is up. 

Dalloway Terrace - Tested, Now Get the Style!

"Named after the eponymous character created by Virginia Woolf, an author whose name will forever be associated with Bloomsbury, Dalloway Terrace is an elegant, poetic and quintessentially English space" Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace, has been passed through my Instagram feed on numerous occasions. It was about time I went to view the space for myself. It certainly is as dreamy and fantastical as all the of pictures make out; with elegant white flowers and pretty lighting. The greenery is a big plus from us at Meylor. 

Dalloway Terrace
Dalloway Terrace Tea

The menu is geared up for 'bruncher's', I would include myself in this bracket. Any meal with eggs and sourdough is a sure hit for me. So I ordered the egg white omelette, I can never find egg whites only as an option anywhere (I loved this). It was super tasty with spinach and chia seeds all mixed in. My lovely friend Kira who joined me ordered the 'express breakfast', for those of you with a sweet tooth this is a perfect choice. You get a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, with a bowl of pastry's. This could be shared for two if you are in a hurry! You also get a choice of a coffee or a juice from their fabulous list. The only thing I was sad about was, their Matcha & Turmeric lattes were not sugar free, I always like to check if a place is using the powder only or a syrup. I stuck with all round winner - breakfast tea. 

Dalloway Terrace Throw

As Dalloway Terrace has grabbed the hearts of most Instagram users, I wanted to highlight one of the best bits about D.T - the throws. The tables are in a covered terrace area, which leads directly outside. As we know the British summertime is somewhat unreliable, and my friend and I found the throws were a big must. As it did get chilly for our 9am breakfast on a Sunday! The throws neatly folded on the backs of chairs look so inviting, and really give the place a warmth and cosiness. I looked into how we could get something similar. Depending if you would like to splash the cash or are on a budget. 

  Avoca Heavy Herringbone Wool Throw   Splashing the cash?  John Lewis stock the gorgeous Avoca wool throw, in luxury Herringbone. £115   Herringbone Patterned Blanket   On a budget?  Check out H&M's herringbone patterned blanket. £34.99

Avoca Heavy Herringbone Wool Throw
Splashing the cash? John Lewis stock the gorgeous Avoca wool throw, in luxury Herringbone. £115

Herringbone Patterned Blanket
On a budget? Check out H&M's herringbone patterned blanket. £34.99

If you are super intrigued and want to check out the place for yourself, you are now in with a chance of getting a table! Head to their website to book

An Afternoon in North London

Whether the sun’s out or it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, an afternoon in North London is always a good place to visit. All along the high street in Stoke Newington you’ll stumble across café’s, independent design stores and other hidden and unspoken gems. Here’s our list of all the best ones:

153 Stoke Newington Church St, London, N16 0UH

Nook has got you covered in all departments of your home including your living space, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office and utility and garden. Here, it’s all about the small stuff that means the most which also makes this store a great place to buy your loved ones a gift. Filled with independent magazines, everything HAY and all the household essentials with a design twist. Nook will give you home ware envy.

Household Essentials | Nook Shop

Making a home a home can be super simple by just adding just a few decorative homeware pieces; whether that’s a Skandinavisk BAER candle for the table or a merino wool blanket for the sofa. £28.00 £28.00

  £27. Plant stand small.

£27. Plant stand small.

Prep Cookshop
106 Stoke Newington Church St, London.

Once you visit this kitchen heaven, it will leave you thinking you need everything in there, whether you’re a newbie at cooking or an expert. In the heart of Stoke Newington, it sells every cooking accessory there ever was, from copper gold baking trays to geometric print tea towels. It’s the store that will transform your kitchen and make you fall back in love with a spot of Sunday baking.

Prep stocks an edited collection of beautiful heritage brands alongside contemporary functional cooking tools. Filled with everything that will help you forget about the washing up afterwards.

55 Kynaston Road London N16 0EB

Perfectly hidden away from Stoke Newington high street, it’s a spot to take a break from the shopping and to tuck yourself away with a coffee and a light snack. This place has a friendly and vibrant atmosphere especially at the weekend, as there’s no laptops allowed – sometime to really relax with friends, coffee and good food. What else are Sunday afternoons for?

The food here isn’t like the normal coffee shop menu. Esters’ food is homemade and a little out of the ordinary (and of course, the pastries). Their menu offers the option a larger brunch/snack including French Toast, Ancho Chile Braised Lamb Shoulder and the classic egg dishes.

Search & Rescue
129 Stoke Newington Church St, London, N16 6UH

As the title implies, the concept is simple; this store searches for interesting home decor discoveries and they then fix it up and fill their spacious store with unique vintage furniture alongside their contemporary, modern design items.

You hear it all the time, but this store really does have everything from vintage trinkets, collection of jewellery designers and contemporary greeting cards.

Original Sin
129 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N1 0PH.

By day, Stoke Newington is a relaxing North London spot to enjoy afternoon tea and a look around the design stores. By night, Stoke Newington offers some great cocktail bars and pubs. A favourite of ours has to be Original Sin cocktail bar.

This cocktail bar is located in the basement along the high street. Its cosy and candle-lit atmosphere is perfect for a Saturday night with friends. Spend your evening here sipping on our favourite, Winter Sun (Vodka, Escubac, blanc vermouth, lemon, raspberries and sparkling wine).



Post written by Cara Curtis

Grace WattsComment
Christmas Stationery Gift Guide 2016

It's that time of the year again, the nights are longer, everyday is that bit colder and we're all clueless when it comes to gifting. With Christmas around the corner, we've provided some perfect stationary gifting ideas for the office. Whether it's an office secret Santa or you're simply just giving an office friend a gift; these work essentials are perfect for any office space.

Envelope Notebook

Meylor Patterened Notebook
This envelope inspired notebook is enough to motivate anyone in the office to take notes and doodle. Not only is this notebook a desk essential but this floral notebook is travel friendly. At Meylor, we like to take it back to basics. Make notes on the go with a HAY pen in hand!

HAY Gold Pen
Taking notes and doodling your day away in the office is just part of a working day. This is the perfect complimentary pen to the Meylor Notebook. Whether you're in the office or on the go, having a pen on hand is essential. This luxury inspired, copper plated, ball-point pen just has to be a part of anyone's stationary collection.

A4 String & Washer Folder | Meylor Paper Goods

A4 String & Washer Folder 
Keeping documents, photographs or other miscellaneous office-ware in one place is not as easy as it seems. This Meylor A4 String & Washer Folder is the perfect gift to give someone in the office a little more organisation. The string and washer closure gives this folder a luxury feel making this a thoughtful and loving gift.

Brass Roller Pen
This is a beautiful object in its own right, this Brass rollerball by Kaweco inspired work with its effortlessly smooth writing. This gift really does express the meaning of giving as it really is about the thought and the small things. Is there anything more satisfying than beautiful looking notes and organisation?

Glass Air Plant Hanger
Adding green into any office space is essential to add some life into the room. This is not just a gift for the office, but it's also a gift to you from you. AirPlants are one of the easiest plants to look after making this a perfect gift for the office.

Brass Letter Opener by Monocle
This contemporary hand-crafted opener is an ever-so-stylish desk top essential. Designed with an angle, it fits perfectly in your hand so save those nails and reach for this beautiful creation. This may be one of the most thoughtful gifts as when would you ever buy this for yourself?

Post written by Cara Curtis

Meylor at Christmas

Meylor is a stationary and wedding correspondence for those seeking the refined and stylish. With Christmas around the corner, we're excited to announce the launch of our second collection that's all about fine drawn mistletoes sketches and greeting cards for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Christmas Cards | Meylor Paper Goods

Using the line drawing style, our Christmas cards express the traditional greenery which is seen all over Christmas bus expressed in the Meylor way; paired back, simple, elegant. 
Meylor are powered by sentiment and there isn't a better time of the year to express to your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. 

Within the Christmas Collection, we kept it elegant and simple, from the blind embossed logo to the simple quotes 'joyous wishes' and 'my darling at Christmas'. 

Greeting Cards | Meylor Paper Goods

Meylor Calendar

This new addition to the Meylor collection takes inspiration from the launch collection with its 'flora & sentiment'. The flora gives you an inner glow and warmth, flowers can be given at any time for a sign of support to a sign of love. 

The calendar has the same principle, allowing a simple illustration and typography to be showcased in the home whether you place this in the living, office or the kitchen. There's always space for flowers. 

Wall Calendar | Meylor Paper Goods

What’s coming next?
Our Spring Collection will be coming soon; January 2017. With even more sentiment filled greeting cards, an array of illustrated wrapping papers, notebooks and classic paper goods.

Find a sneak preview of one of our new wrapping papers; Floral Bouquet; on the website.

Illustrated Wrapping Papers | Meylor Paper Goods

Written by Cara Curtis

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Living with Plants

It's been proven that by simply adding house plants into the home, your creativity and productivity is increased. Here at Meylor, we love to take inspiation straight from nature because there's really nothing more elegant or minimal than

House Plants

Whether you're a freelancer working from the comfort of your own house or you consider your home as your safe haven and the number place to just unwind and relax after a day at work; multiple house plants will make you feel more at ease making you feel that real 'at home' feeling.
Buying house plants is a cheaper alternative to adding a little personality into a home, a bit of greenery can really compliment a minimal, white room; it's very Nordic. 

When living in the busy city of London it's easy to feel disconnected with the great outdoors and nature, adding green around the house brings a healthy bit of the outside inside. It's also incredibly therapeutic to take care of house plants, is there anything more satisfying than keeping your plants alive for months on end?

Home Plant Garden

It's been proven that by simply adding house plants into the home, your creativity and productivity is increased. Here at Meylor, we love to take inspiration straight from nature because there's really nothing more simply or elegant than nature itself.

Used and untouched spaces can be transformed into your new favourite flourishing patch with a little greenery. Adding plants doesn't just make your place look aesthetically pleasing, but it's also functional. Growing your own herbs in an make-shift herb garden on a window ledge also provides any meal with some healthy and delicious home-grown herbs. 

But, what are the best homes for house plants?

In the bathroom: An injection of foliage is the perfect way to breathe some life into a plain old bathroom. A bathroom will commonly have low-light and high humidity and surprisingly, many plants thrive off this kind of environment. For any bathroom a fern, ivy or snake plant will live happily and healthy. This reason been, these plants enjoy humidity and their incredible ability to purifying the air. 


Bathroom Herb Garden

The living room: Almost any plant will live happily ever after in most living rooms; depending on light levels. A large statement plant looks great in a minimal living space especially a rubber fig. These again, purify the air the but the deep green colour works perfectly with white walls and minimal furnishing. There's also the classic succulents that live through anything - even when you forget to water them. These exotic greens add charisma and style into any home.

Living Room Plants

Post written by Cara Curtis

Grace WattsComment
Incase we didn't mention, we have launched!

Meylor is a stationery and wedding correspondence for those seeking the stylish and refined. We love everything pastel coloured, floral and nature inspired. Our first collection has been founded upon the love for all things luxury, classic and feminine with heavy influencers from the fashion world, art and design.

Meylor Envelope, Stationery

We are powered by sentiment. If you were to look deep within my wardrobe you'll find a box filled up with polaroids and handwritten letters from family and friends. There's no gift worth just as much as a well-thought out, lovely little letter. 

We help you express your love and appreciation to your loved ones by designing and making all of our greeting cards here in London with simple yet, meaningful quotes that describe everything you're loved ones just are. 

Meylor Paper Goods, Stationery, Envelopes

We felt that there was a gap in the heavily swamped stationery market for products which drew upon design sensibilities in a targeted and stylistically sensitive way. We believe that materials, texture and process within paper goods are of the upmost importance. These elements combined have formed products within Meylor's launch collection that we could not find on the current market.

Meylor's most unique and highlighted products include our unique translucent envelopes of different textural nature which give a multilayered experience for the recipient, the delicate nature of these paper stocks gives an alternative dimension to the classic envelope.

Translucent Envelope Stock, Meylor Paper Goods

Within our greeting cards collection, we kept it all very simple yet beautiful, from our appearance to the chosen words. The aim here is to avoid heavy use of envelope liners and take the paired back approach at presenting something beautiful without the fuss. We simply went back to the basics.

Meylor Paper Goods Notelet Set

Trying to find typographic wedding stationery today which can both be customised and look elegant is proven a hard task. We love the concept of personalising everything about your special day from the very beginning. This became another pillar in Meylor's collection; offering classic typographic solutions with the use of beautiful stocks giving a luxurious textured feel.

White on White, Stationery

We are about the small details in life. Not just in stationary and wedding sets, but also in the home. Nature is one of the main inspirations to the whole idea of Meylor. It's calming and elegant, and that's the way we want our home to be like. Our Flora Canina Embroidered Cushion is the homeware version of our outlook to the whole idea of Meylor. Whether this is a gift for a loved one or from you-to-you. Add a little Meylor into a home. 

Hand Embroidered Cushion

Post Written by Cara Curtis