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Meylor Goods, known for our minimalist stationery and lifestyle accessories with an emphasis on elegance and quality. 

Incase we didn't mention, we have launched!

Incase we didn't mention, we have launched!

Meylor is a stationery and wedding correspondence for those seeking the stylish and refined. We love everything pastel coloured, floral and nature inspired. Our first collection has been founded upon the love for all things luxury, classic and feminine with heavy influencers from the fashion world, art and design.

Meylor Envelope, Stationery

We are powered by sentiment. If you were to look deep within my wardrobe you'll find a box filled up with polaroids and handwritten letters from family and friends. There's no gift worth just as much as a well-thought out, lovely little letter. 

We help you express your love and appreciation to your loved ones by designing and making all of our greeting cards here in London with simple yet, meaningful quotes that describe everything you're loved ones just are. 

Meylor Paper Goods, Stationery, Envelopes

We felt that there was a gap in the heavily swamped stationery market for products which drew upon design sensibilities in a targeted and stylistically sensitive way. We believe that materials, texture and process within paper goods are of the upmost importance. These elements combined have formed products within Meylor's launch collection that we could not find on the current market.

Meylor's most unique and highlighted products include our unique translucent envelopes of different textural nature which give a multilayered experience for the recipient, the delicate nature of these paper stocks gives an alternative dimension to the classic envelope.

Translucent Envelope Stock, Meylor Paper Goods

Within our greeting cards collection, we kept it all very simple yet beautiful, from our appearance to the chosen words. The aim here is to avoid heavy use of envelope liners and take the paired back approach at presenting something beautiful without the fuss. We simply went back to the basics.

Meylor Paper Goods Notelet Set

Trying to find typographic wedding stationery today which can both be customised and look elegant is proven a hard task. We love the concept of personalising everything about your special day from the very beginning. This became another pillar in Meylor's collection; offering classic typographic solutions with the use of beautiful stocks giving a luxurious textured feel.

White on White, Stationery

We are about the small details in life. Not just in stationary and wedding sets, but also in the home. Nature is one of the main inspirations to the whole idea of Meylor. It's calming and elegant, and that's the way we want our home to be like. Our Flora Canina Embroidered Cushion is the homeware version of our outlook to the whole idea of Meylor. Whether this is a gift for a loved one or from you-to-you. Add a little Meylor into a home. 

Hand Embroidered Cushion

Post Written by Cara Curtis

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