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Meylor Goods, known for our minimalist stationery and lifestyle accessories with an emphasis on elegance and quality. 

Meylor at Christmas

Meylor at Christmas

Meylor is a stationary and wedding correspondence for those seeking the refined and stylish. With Christmas around the corner, we're excited to announce the launch of our second collection that's all about fine drawn mistletoes sketches and greeting cards for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Christmas Cards | Meylor Paper Goods

Using the line drawing style, our Christmas cards express the traditional greenery which is seen all over Christmas bus expressed in the Meylor way; paired back, simple, elegant. 
Meylor are powered by sentiment and there isn't a better time of the year to express to your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. 

Within the Christmas Collection, we kept it elegant and simple, from the blind embossed logo to the simple quotes 'joyous wishes' and 'my darling at Christmas'. 

Greeting Cards | Meylor Paper Goods

Meylor Calendar

This new addition to the Meylor collection takes inspiration from the launch collection with its 'flora & sentiment'. The flora gives you an inner glow and warmth, flowers can be given at any time for a sign of support to a sign of love. 

The calendar has the same principle, allowing a simple illustration and typography to be showcased in the home whether you place this in the living, office or the kitchen. There's always space for flowers. 

Wall Calendar | Meylor Paper Goods

What’s coming next?
Our Spring Collection will be coming soon; January 2017. With even more sentiment filled greeting cards, an array of illustrated wrapping papers, notebooks and classic paper goods.

Find a sneak preview of one of our new wrapping papers; Floral Bouquet; on the website.

Illustrated Wrapping Papers | Meylor Paper Goods

Written by Cara Curtis

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