2018 Wall Calendar - Perfect Gift for Stationery Lovers

Our wall calendar proved to be really popular this time last year, so I wanted to take a moment to put a blog post together talking all about it. Designed to hang on the wall with a simple piece of rustic twine, means that this calendar fits in any home. Minimal, with floral line drawings, it is not to over the top that you need to worry about it clashing with your decor. 

The Designs?
I absolutely love simple black line drawings created with pen and ink. Some like colour, I just love minimal. I feel that the lines are characterful as it is without having to bombard lots of colour. I am sure that is not just my way of thinking? With this particular calendar I titled it Flora & Sentiment, purely because each month has its own dedicated floral illustration which ties in with that particular month and season. I feel flowers are the perfect way to show affection and sentiment, whether it is a single stem or a large bouquet. 

Floral Illustrations - 2018 Calendar

Nib & Ink Pen Drawings
Above are a couple of scans taken from my ink drawings, I love the medium of a scan in particular. As it will pick up little ink mishaps, scratches and flecks. Of course I edit all of this out, but if you were to create a scrap book out of the drawings - little imperfections really make something feel 'made' to me. 

I wanted to vary the floral composition on each page, so that bouquets didn't flood this calendar! Again, reflecting the idea of sentiment, it was important to show how you can make something simple like an envelope, add flowers and immediately it creates a tiny gift. 

Where are they made?
Designed, printed and packed in England, of course.  

Your Instagram Posts
It was so nice to see posts of our calendars on your walls! I have picked a few of my favourite images below. Thank you for taking the time to upload these and share. I hope there are more to come, please do tag us in your pictures!

We always do sell out fast of these calendars, so grab one quick for yourself or as a gift. Here is the link.