How to create a quick Autumn Floral Arrangement?

Here at Meylor as much as we love the colourful tones of delicate florals, we are also a big lover of subtle greenery and foliage to create an amazing arrangement. 

Since discovering florist Philippa Craddock at the House and Garden Festival in June, where we were forever seeing a flow of ladies in beautiful handmade floral headband wreaths. We followed the trail and came across Philippa's beautiful stand, the headbands were a result of a morning workshop which proved to be a huge success. 

Philippa Craddock concession in Selfridges is where we came across her lovely lifestyle range and her signature white milk bottle vases. Setting aside the pretty objects, the area was covered in beautiful and somewhat unusual floral stems and plants. What better way to embrace autumn than to create our own floral arrangement and share them on the Meylor blog. 


Our first arrangement we decided to display in one of Phillipa's milk bottle vases which you can find here

Arrangement One
- Eucalyptus Cinerea 'silver dollar'
- Eucalyptus baby blue
- Red Berries, Rosehip
- Astilbe
- Thistle

We love this as the Eucalyptus creates height and width, and the berries give that boost of amazing autumn red. Buying Eucalyptus in a small bunch means you can then use part of this for a second arrangement. Or simply create an XL version to use as a centre piece in your living room.


We loved the idea of creating two arrangements, finding two similar shaped vases but of different tone and height allow you shape your florals. 

Arrangement Two
- Eucalyptus baby blue
- Berried Myrtle

It is so easy to think you need lots of different types of flowers of different colours to create something eye catching and beautiful. However keeping it simple is what we love to do here at Meylor, why not try a selection of greenery to shape your next floral display?


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Berried Myrtle is a perfect autumn berry as it has a beautiful colour, which is a merky blue and purple shade. Combined with lots of leaves, it looks great in a display to add depth and texture.


If we have inspired you with our floral style, why not check out Phillipa Craddock's concession and floristry shops or take a look online here.